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Certified Let Animals Lead® Method Animal Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a complementary energy healing modality that supports all other healing modalities. The word Reiki comes from 2 kanji (Japanese characters). “Rei” (spirit) “Ki” (energy). The word literally means “spiritual energy”. This refers to the energy particles that exist within everything in and around us. It’s the “stuff” that physicists study, it’s the “stuff” that connects us all.

Reiki with Dog

Using breathing, intention, and meditation techniques, the Practitioner opens deeply into the universal flow of energy. This helps facilitate an energetic space to support the healing process of others. Healing does not mean curing but Reiki can help support the processes of health maintenance, recovery from illness and injury, and can support the animal and their guardians during the transition from life. Reiki is offered to the animal, what the animal chooses to do with it is completely up to them.

The Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki is focused on letting the animal guide the session. Since Reiki is an energy modality, it is not necessary to have “hands on” contact with an animal in order for healing to occur.

At the beginning of a session, the Practitioner will offer Reiki to the animal. Sometimes the answer will be “no” and in that case, the session will be rescheduled at no charge. If the answer is “yes” or “maybe” the Practitioner will set the energetic healing space and let the animal choose how, when, and if they will enter the space or choose to have a hands-on experience. The animal guardian is welcome to stay and receive any healing benefit they choose during the session as well.

Animal Reiki Services (in person or distant healing)

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Services offered for Animals in Transition and their Guardians, no charge

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Reiki Practitioners do not manipulate energy in any way. There are no guarantees of a cure or healing. Reiki does not replace medical treatment and/or advice. Always speak to your Veterinary Professional first about any concerns you have with your animal.

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