As dog owners, and as Family Dog Mediators, it is our responsibility to advocate for the
safety and security of our dogs. The AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of
Animal Behavior) position statements are an excellent tool for all of us to use.

This information is up to date and science-based, coming out of the research of
the Veterinarians and scientists involved in this organization.

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Considering Adding a New Four-Legged Friend to Your Family? 

I have created a 6 part video series answering all the questions your family should consider before adopting a new puppy or dog. You can watch this free video series “Want The Right Dog, Ask The Right Question” on Facebook HERE or Youtube HERE.

Recommended Websites

These websites are a must visit for the new puppy parent, and also for the family with children who are welcoming a furry family member. I recommend that
potential puppy and human baby parents visit these sites BEFORE you bring your new bundle home. And, these will serve as excellent resources for you as your family grows.

ebooks to read

Here are some excellent ebooks to help you get ready to bring your new dog home, and to help you all get started on the right paw.

The ABCs of Bringing Your New Pet Home

Love Has No Age Limit


Choosing the proper training equipment is as important to your dog’s well-being as it is to your relationship with your dog. First and foremost it should be pain-free. It should fit correctly, give you the owner confidence, and allow your dog or puppy the freedom to express themselves using species-specific body language for effective communication and unrestricted movement patterns.

Below are some examples of equipment I would recommend but any that follow these above guidelines will do.

Leash with street lead loop (also available at Pidder Padder Paws in Watertown)

All cloth martingales (also available at Pidder Padder Paws in Watertown)

Harness (also available at Pidder Padder Paws in Watertown)

Harness Not necessary to order the leashes that go with it.

***The equipment I DO NOT recommend with any dog no matter what the
behavior pattern are shock collars, choke chains, prong collars, harnesses that
tightly squeeze or severely restrict a dog, spray collars, vibrating bark collars, or
any equipment that relies on pain, force, or startle responses to adjust
behaviors. There is continual mounting scientific data to support the damage
these kinds of equipment can do to your dog and your relationship with them***


Check out my recommended reading Library book list.

A few Enrichment Activities for you and your four-legged friend.

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