CAlli“Our puppy, Calli, was a very wild and energetic puppy who would not listen to any of our commands.  We were at our wit’s end so we asked Kathy to help us.  Kathy’s method of working with Calli impressed us because of her firm but kind and gentle approach.  While Calli would not respond to our commands, Kathy had Calli responding to hers.  Before Kathy left our house, she taught us how to get Calli to respond to our commands without the need to shout or yell at her.  The difference that Kathy made in Calli’s behavior was unbelievable in the short time that Kathy worked with her.  The respectful way that she handled our puppy was truly amazing and inspiring and we will be eternally grateful!!” ~ Sharon H

20170227_191542“Kathy is so friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to requests for assistance, I really love working with her. I have had our dog Mocha do group classes and private consults with Kathy and I would recommend her to anyone looking for dog training assistance.

I recently requested help with our dog who has issues greeting people in our house. Kathy came up with a plan for Mocha and me to work on and this past weekend I hosted 6 people in our house for 5 days and things went much smoother. Thank you Kathy!” ~ Lynn K



“Kathy is wonderful, we adopted our dog a month ago and are working with Kathy to help our dog, Otis . We have already seen improvement in our dog and how we act around our dog. Only more good things to come.” ~ Nicole W


20161222_143243“Kathy is very knowledgeable & it is obvious how much she loves dogs. She not only helped us but also our little dog, Spud. We would not hesitate to call her again for any help or questions we might have” ~ Laurie P 

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