Mosaic Dog Training, LLC does not train with any dog(s) that are aggressive, are prone to biting or have a bite history, are showing signs of resource guarding or symptoms of separation anxiety. Please consult with your Veterinarian regarding these behaviors and reach out immediately to Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin for training assistance.

I use only science-based force-free dog teaching techniques which focus on why the behaviors our dog is displaying works for them. Then we will support those behaviors that work for both of you, and modify the behaviors that need to be, to meet the needs of your dog, and you as well. I will empower you, the guardian by educating you in the concepts of humane, non-confrontational, pain and fear free methods. By taking your dog’s learning history, environment, genetic tendencies, and their individual self (L.E.G.S.), and how all this influences your dog’s behavior into consideration first, we can create a program that will address the root of the reason the behavior exists (the why). These methods create lifelong bonds of trust and understanding between you and your canine companion.

Puppy home school – $200

Puppy Home School is a 3 private lesson package for puppies up to 4months old. We will teach puppies the basic behaviors they need to start out on the right paw. We will also discuss all things “puppy” to help the new “parents” guide their furry bundle in the safest and most effective way.

Private lessons by appointment

The initial consultation is $100 and lasts 90 minutes to 2 hrs. This may be in person or be broken into 2 sessions using Zoom or phone call platforms as well as in person. My goal is to ensure your dog feels safe and secure at all times so each team and situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  

Additional lessons are $50 an hour (a subsequent hour will be divided into quarters every 15 minutes). Travel expenses may apply.

Pre-Adoption Consultation – $50 per hour

Thinking about adopting a puppy or a dog. Great!! Let’s chat first!! There are many things to consider before you go out and meet your new family member. 

In a Pre-Adoption Consultation, we will talk about all those facets that can support a successful adoption process. From the home you live in, to your lifestyle, to other animals living in the home, to how to set up your home for success BEFORE they come home, we’ll look at it all. 

You will receive resources and personalized materials to help you start this exciting journey.

This can be done by Zoom or in-person 

Right Paw Plan – $50 per hour

Just brought a new furry family member home, now what? Let’s talk about how to make those first 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months a success and get your journey started on the “right paw”. 

You will receive resources and personalized materials

Team building basic workshops (next date Pending)
Group of Malamutes

In Team Building Basics Workshop, you will be guided in a team approach to learning. You will learn as much about your dog as your dog will learn about you. This is the basis to building a lifelong relationship. Life skill development can start at any age and the skill sets are taught in a way that make them appropriate for all stages in your dog’s life. 

Puppyhood (birth to 4m of age) is the time in your dog’s life when it is very important to introduce them to different sights, sounds, smells, and positive experiences. 

In Juvenile and Adolescence phases of development (4 to 6m, to 2 yrs) your dog will go through many physical and emotional changes. The body is maturing and learning how to move in new ways, areas of the brain are waking up and reorganizing as hormones are introduced into the process. This time in our young dog’s life calls for understanding, empathy and patience. Helping your young dog feel safe is central to their ability to learn and grow. As we observe our dogs and watch for genetic specific behaviors, as well as the behaviors that help our dogs seek relief and understanding of their environment, we can guide those behaviors toward safe outlets. 

Adulthood (2yrs and beyond) is the time when our dogs are fully matured, have an extensive learning history, and have a solid sense of self. You will learn how to guide your dog safely taking these important experiences and concepts into account. 

Just like us, each dog is an individual made up of their learning history, their life experiences, genetic tendencies, and all the facets that make them their unique self. It is important to the relationship between you and your dog to take all this into consideration as we guide them. 

During our time together, you will learn how to create a safe environment for your dog to learn life skills in each phase such as self-regulation, focus, and calm decision making. This may look like calm sits or downs, standing still, calmly observing from a mat, or leisurely sniffing and exploring the environment during walks. You will also learn how to help your dog tolerate grooming, Veterinary procedures, and general safe handling skills. 

These concepts will be presented in a pressure-free play-style atmosphere. You will learn how to read your dog’s body language to understand what they are telling you. In order to guide and bond with our dogs, we need to know when they are stressed, happy, fearful or overstimulated. Once we understand this we can safely guide them through their journey of exploration and positive experiences. 

This is a small workshop of 4 dogs for maximum one on one time and to create an environment that is calm and low-key. Only one class is running at a time so noise and distraction is at a minimum. Soft music and diffusion of calming scent helps to create a soothing environment for both ends of the leash which will allow for the highest-quality learning opportunities.

***all dogs MUST show proof of Rabies (over 4m old), be up to date for age-appropriate DHPP vaccine series, Bordetella, and proof of deworming to participate in class***

Please email me to get started.

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