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Mosaic Dog Training, LLC does not train with any dog(s) that are aggressive, are prone to biting or have a bite history, are showing signs of resource guarding or symptoms of separation anxiety. Please consult with your Veterinarian regarding these behaviors and reach out immediately to Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin for training assistance.

I use only science-based force-free dog training techniques which focus on the behaviors we want and modify or eliminate the behaviors that we don’t. I will empower you, the owner by educating you in the concepts of humane, non-confrontational, pain and fear free methods. By taking the environment and how it influences your dog’s behavior into consideration first, we can create a program that will address the root of the reason the behavior exists. These methods create lifelong bonds of trust between you and your canine companion.

Puppy Basic Manners Group Class  6 Week Session – $120 (In Person Classes on Hold)


In this class we will start to learn the basic behaviors of sit, down, walking politely on a leash, impulse control and focus, leave it, drop it and much more. Puppyhood is the time in your dog’s life where it is very important to introduce them to as many sights, sounds, smells, and positive experiences as we can. Once we get close to 4 months of age, the window of this opportunity starts to close.

Besides learning the basics the main focus of this class is on socialization, play, introduction to being touched and handled, enrichment, and the many ways to create positive dog-human bonds with your new fur baby. Get ready to have some FUN!!

You will also learn how to read your dog’s body language and start to understand what they are telling you. In order to guide and bond with our dogs, we need to know when they are stressed, happy, fearful or overstimulated. Once we understand this we can safely guide them through their journey of exploration and positive experiences.

This is a small class of 4 puppies for maximum one on one time with the trainer and to create an environment that is calm and low key. Only one class is running at a time so the training area is quiet and there won’t be the distractions of noise and commotion from multiple dogs in one place. This along with soft music and adjustable lighting helps to sooth both puppy and person will allow for the highest quality learning for you and your dog during this most important stage of their life.

To further support our dedication to safe and effective play time, each puppy receives a FREE one time coupon to Best Paw Forward‘s Puppy Socials located in Hartland.

*** Puppies need to be at least 8wks old, have had a vet checkup and be free of parasites, and have had at least 1 Parvo vaccination a week before starting class***

Basic Manners Group Class 6 Week Session – $120 (In Person Classes on Hold)

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In this class, you will learn force-free training methods to guide your dog to sit, down, come (the recall), stand, stay, watch, leave it, drop it, and walk politely on a leash. I will show you how to create focus and impulse control by playing attention games. Plus, you will learn the language of your dog. Knowing your dog’s body language and what they are telling us is central to creating a safe learning environment. You get all this and so much more!! The main ingredient is FUN!!

This is a small class of 4 dogs for maximum one on one time with the trainer. Only one class is running at a time so the training area is quiet. This allows for the highest quality learning for you and your dog.

Puppy Home School – $150

Puppy Home School is a 3 private lesson package for puppies up to 4months old. We will teach puppies the basic behaviors they need to start out on the right paw. We will also discuss all things “puppy” to help the new “parents” guide their furry bundle in the most safe and effective way.

Basic Manners and Private Lessons by appointment.

Initial lesson is $100 and additional lessons are $50 an hour (subsequent hour will be divided in to quarters every 15 minutes). Travel expenses may apply.

Complete an application here. (Due to current reduced availability for private lessons, please email me before completing the application.)

**We recommend not using iPhone devices to fill out application. If you have not received a reply to your application within 3 business days, please check your SPAM or trash folders, thank you.

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